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Programme 2017


Hop, hopper, hopst… Are you a true hophead? Then this is the ideal taste route for you. Hop is the grape of the beer. It is a natural preservative and provides foam stability, a bitter taste and a delicious aroma. Throughout the festival, we go from slightly bitter to a delicious sense of taste at the back of your tongue… Hop on, off we go!

Do you like all kinds of beers? Would you like to try everything but have you already tried a lot of beers? Then this is your route! We make a selection of the novelties presented for the first time by the brewers at Just Beer. So… if it’s new, it’s for you!

Your first time at a beer festival? Or just looking for a guide to lead you through the festival and taste delicious beers of different styles. Then this is your route! On our way, we go from a light blond beer to the heavier stuff. You never know why, if you don’t try!

Curiosities enthusiast or not a great fan of the beaten track? Then this selection is for you! We selected some non-standard beers that go a little further than the usual ones. Different but exciting!

Just Beer managed to bring a few foreign breweries all the way to Kortrijk. And not the least… some of Europe’s best and fastest-growing small breweries can’t wait to show you the best of themselves and their beer.

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