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Go explore along the taste routes

27 October 2017

Are you a rookie beer lover or a foodie with an interest in beer, who might risk getting lost at a beer event? Would you describe yourself as an experienced beer enthusiast, who senses the tendency of always tasting the same beers at beer festivals? Just Beer has the solution!

Sofie Vanrafelghem worked out several taste routes, each with a different approach.

Beer and Food: five basic principles

20 October 2017

Are you curious to find out how a foodpairing works? Keep on reading if you want to learn the five basic principles to combine a beer with a dish.

Tasting in seven simple steps

3 October 2017

Whether you are an experienced beer drinker or you’ve just had your first specialty beer – there are a couple of things that are important to any type of beer fan. Ranging from correctly rinsing your glasses to swallowing your beer: thanks to these 7 simple tips you can now become a real beer expert yourself. 

Why you can’t miss out on Just Beer!

8 September 2017

The new event Just Beer brings a weekend for genuine beer lovers and connoisseurs to Kortrijk. With the help of Sofie Vanrafelghem, we selected the finest quality beers.

Who is Sofie Vanrafelghem?

28 August 2017

As a Master Beer Sommelier, Sofie Vanrafelghem is a trainer for the catering industry from Dubai to New York. She works as a beer consultant for restaurants, breweries and hotels. In addition, she writes about her passion in various media and she was named Culinary Ambassador of Flanders by Tourism Flanders in 2016.